Imprinting shared house boxes.jpg


I worked with dancers Madison Palffy and Michelle Huber for an intensive period last spring, landing in a duet which was performed at the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought (SCDT) in May, 2017. During the rehearsal process, we created several methods for “imprinting,” which we defined both as leaving traces/residues with our actions as well as bonding/growing relationships between us. Through these methods we discovered:

  • A single action imprints on all of the actions that follow it
  • Time imprints on the viewer.
  • Time imprints on the performing body
  • Shared experiences imprint on solo exploration (and vice versa).
  • Sound imprints on everything in the space.

We also dwelled on cause and effect, resonance and reverberation, expectation and fulfillment, delay and surprise, and the magic and oddity that occurs when two people are tuned into the subtle aspects of their togetherness.